What to Do If You Need Head Gasket Repair

For every car, a head gasket seals the combustion gasses and prevents coolant or oil from leaking into the cylinder heads. A failing head gasket can cause overheating or poor engine efficiency. Here are some signs you might need a head gasket repair and what to do if that’s the case.

Leaks and Overheating

Any type of coolant or oil leak coming from the engine is a sure sign that the head gasket in your car is faulty. Not only will this wear down your engine and cause it to overheat, but oil leaks can lead to your engine catching fire if not attended to for too long. Head gaskets aren’t easy to repair, and a sign of this issue is if your car overheats within 15 minutes of turning it on. Given how hot the summers are getting in Oregon, it might be best to get your car examined if overheating is an issue before the temperatures begin rising again.

Struggling Engine

If your engine is struggling to keep up with what you need, it might be possible that your head gasket has blown. The engine’s power goes down considerably when this happens, and exhaust leaks tend to accompany this issue.

Contaminated Oil

If the oil in your engine or cylinder head is discolored, there might be a leak. In this case, it’s the coolant leaking into the oil system. While this isn’t a definitive way of knowing if you need a repair, if it accompanies another previously listed issue, the head gasket might need proper attention.

How to Repair the Head Gasket

If your engine is overheating, if you see a discolored liquid when checking the oil, or if you notice something is leaking, then contact the auto experts at Siskiyou Import Services to get your head gasket replaced.

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