Top Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tasks

Car owners know that regular vehicle maintenance is an important part of keeping their cars in good condition throughout the year. However, the summer months bring a host of conditions we must adapt to prepare our vehicle for success throughout the season. Check off all the following maintenance tasks to keep your vehicle functioning at its peak all summer long:




If you switched your all-season tires out for snow tires in the winter, summer is the ideal time to change them back or replace them with summer tires. While all-season tires work great in warm weather, they might provide less grip than summer tires do. However, all-season tires place less strain on your system, offer a longer tread life, and can make reasonable improvements on your vehicle’s mileage. After you replace your tires, look at your windshield wipers to inspect for wear and tear. Consider replacing them this season to keep you and your passengers safe in the event of a storm.


Examine Your Cooling Systems


Your car will be more susceptible to overheating during the summer. Look at your vehicle’s coolant levels and be sure to restore or refill coolant levels if needed. If you notice that your car’s air conditioner is warmer than usual, have your car’s coolant levels looked at and refill them to make sure your car stays comfortable in the summer heat.


Have Your Car’s Oil Changed


Getting your car’s oil changed is a necessary upkeep task, but countless car owners overlook its importance. Not getting your vehicle’s oil changed can cause problems with your car’s engine, and other components of its system. Make it a point to schedule an oil change in accordance with your manufacturer’s recommended timeframe.


Get Your Batteries Tested


Cold weather can place additional pressure on your car’s battery and force it to work harder, which makes it more susceptible to failing in the summer. Get your car’s battery tested to ensure it won’t die out unexpectedly during the summer. If your battery is in good shape, make sure you know when you’re due for a replacement, so you can prepare.

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