Tips to Prevent a Breakdown During a Road Trip

Whenever you go on a road trip, one of your biggest priorities is to avoid a breakdown. Breakdowns can cause your long-awaited vacation to turn into a long-term stay waiting on vehicle repairs. To mitigate the chances of a breakdown, there are a few methods you can use along the course of your road trip.

  1. Check your engine periodically

Don’t wait for the check engine light to appear or the mileage for your oil change to come up without checking them periodically. One of the major causes of engine malfunction is engine damage from poor management of the vehicle’s resources. Checking your oil, coolant, and battery every few hundred miles or every few days while on the road is an excellent practice to avoid potential breakdowns.

  1. Take major highways

Taking major highways not only ensures that someone will likely be able to help you sooner in the event of a breakdown, but it’s also easier on your vehicle. Major highways don’t have a large incline/decline while being well paved and better maintained than most non-interstate roads. Traveling on better-maintained roads can help you prevent damage such as flat tires, undercarriage damage, or suspension damage.

  1. Get your vehicle inspected every so often

Many vehicle auto-shops will check the state of your electrical and engine systems for you. If you are on the road, you might not have a multimeter, odometer, or other tools to check the state of your vehicle’s electronics. Some engine systems even require specialized knowledge to know where to look and what you’d need to do to repair it before irreversible damage occurs.

Dependable Vehicle Service You Can Count On

Siskiyou Import Services has been servicing the Oregon area for years. We offer engine and electrical system checks to ensure that you can keep your vehicle in the best shape possible. Contact us to schedule a vehicle repair or check up today.

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