The Importance of Replacing Your Wipers

Most vehicle owners understand the importance of regular oil changes and tire rotations and have learned that proper maintenance is essential for vehicles to perform at their best. However, windshield wipers are one important aspect that often gets overlooked during these regularly scheduled maintenance appointments. Rain or snow, wipers deal with it all and are a critical means of ensuring visibility regardless of the weather conditions. As a result, it is important to check your wipers regularly to make sure they can perform as expected when you need them the most. 

How Often Should I Replace My Wipers?

Damaged windshield wipers should be replaced right away. Barring any visible damage, most wipers should be replaced every 6 months, or as soon as you notice a difference in visibility. However, some climates demand more frequent wiper changes.

For example, if your vehicle is often exposed to rain or snow, you’ll use your blades more often than in sunny conditions. This leads to more extensive wear and tear and ultimately to more frequent wiper changes. Icy, cold conditions can also damage brittle wiper blades and lead to an early wiper blade changes.

What Do I Look For?

Your wipers are meant to move over your windshield in a smooth, fluid motion. Improper contact can lead to squeaks, smears, or streaks. These elements all reduce driving visibility Even if you haven’t noticed smears or squeaks, you can take steps to determine the quality of your current wiper blades:

  • Check wiper blade edges. If these edges are worn, they won’t make strong contact with the windshield. You’ll also want to check for any visible cracks, tears, or missing pieces. 
  • Flex the rubber squeegee. The rubber should be able to flex back and forth with relative ease.
  • Check the blade. Tug or lightly pull on the blade to ensure that it is securely installed on the wiper arm.

Replacing Your Windshield Wipers

People often don’t realize they needed new wipers until they are driving through rain or snow, and their visibility is impacted. To avoid this scenario, make an effort to check your wiper blades each time you schedule an oil change or rotate your tires.

At Siskiyou Import, we take all areas of vehicle maintenance very seriously. Contact us today to learn more about the wipers that can best help your import combat the Oregon elements. 


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