Why Your Suspension System Is Important

When it comes to automotive maintenance, your vehicle’s suspension system may be one of the most overlooked areas of your car. Most people wait until there’s a problem that can’t be ignored before bringing in a car to have work on its suspension system, and wind up stunned at the cost of repairs. However, your shocks and struts perform many critical functions within your vehicle, and proper maintenance can improve your safety and save you money in the long run.


How Important Is Maintaining Control of Your Vehicle?

The suspension system’s most key role is to enable you to maintain control of your vehicle on the road. With every pothole and bump in the road, your suspension system dampens the jolt and keeps the wheels planted firmly on the ground. A vehicle’s wheels are the only points that a vehicle touches the road, and there is a great deal of power going to the wheels. As the wheels also steer the vehicle, it’s very important to keep them all in contact with the road’s surface. Without this system in place, your car could lose contact with the ground under some conditions (think rain, snow, and ice), reducing your ability to handle the vehicle and avoid accidents.


More Than Just a Smooth Ride

Smoothing out those bumps in the road not only keeps you in control, but also makes the ride a lot more comfortable. A rough, bumpy ride isn’t pleasant for anyone, and it greatly increases driver fatigue on long road trips. In addition, problems with the suspension system will cause extra wear on your tires, meaning you will need to replace them more often.


Save Money With Regular Maintenance

Getting your shocks and struts checked regularly is an excellent way to identify issues before they become big problems. If your car is pulling one way or the other, front, back, or all-wheel alignment will set you straight again. At the same time, there might be an underlying issue that caused the alignment problem in the first place. A full inspection of the components of your suspension system can identify problems and keep you in control while avoiding costly repairs in the future.

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