Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Car

Everyone thinks about spring cleaning their homes when this time of year rolls around, but it’s also the perfect time to spring clean your car to get it ready for your warm-weather adventures. It’s an excellent opportunity to get rid of all of the items that can accumulate in your car over the winter and head out on spring and summer road trips with a clean vehicle. Here are some tips on getting the most out of spring cleaning your automobile.

Declutter Your Car

The first step in spring cleaning your automobile is all about decluttering all of the things you have accumulated over the winter. Think of what you carry in your car and whether or not it needs to stay in there. Get rid of any trash that has made its way to your floorboards or under your seats. Do you have too many travel mugs or ice scrapers in your car? Get rid of what’s not necessary to be in your vehicle and the duplicates. This step makes it easier to pack in the things you’ll need for the warm weather.

Car Cleaning Tips

Once you’ve got through the clutter and trash, it’s time for the cleaning. Be sure to bring out all the supplies you’ll need. It can be helpful to have a vacuum, cleaner, rags, and other cleaning tools before you get started to prevent having to run into the house back and forth. These tips can help you get a deeper clean:

  • Move your seat forward and back along with moving your floor mats to get all of those places where you may not usually see the dirt and dust that accumulates there in these hidden areas.
  • Think out of the box with the cleaning tools. A toothbrush can be great for getting dirt out of the creases of your seat and other parts of your car. Foam craft brushes can also work on the crevices of your vents and other areas. Compressed air can help to clean out those hard to get spots.
  • Clean your trim and other nooks and crannies with a pencil or other similar object wrapped in a soft cloth. The cloth will help to clean the area while protecting it from any damage from the tip of the pencil.
  • Spruce up your headlights using non-gel toothpaste to help with any oxidization. You’ll rub a small amount on the headlights using a circular motion. Clean the toothpaste off, and they’ll look amazing.
  • Dryer sheets can be used to help de-gunk any bugs off of your grill. After you’ve finished getting them removed, you can then use some cooking spray to help keep them clean.

Organizing Your Car

Once your car is cleaned, it’s time to organize in a way that can help you to keep your car clean.

  • Muffin liners are perfect for keeping your cupholders cleaned. Put one or two into your cupholder. Toss it out in the trash when it gets dirty.
  • Let your four-legged family members come along for a ride? Think about investing in seat covers that can help to keep pet fur, dander, and muddy paws off of your upholstery that’s hard to clean. Seat covers can be thrown into the wash.
  • Add a document case to hold all of the essential car paperwork that you keep in the vehicle, so it all stays together.
  • Find an organizer that can fit on the back of your seat that can be used to store items, such as trash bags for wet clothing and trash, or toys for your kids during long car trips.
  • Add a kit to your first aid kit that’s first aid for your car’s messes, such as hand sanitizer, bleach pen for stains, and similar items.

Not only is spring great for handling your car spring cleaning, but it’s excellent for getting your car ready for the road with an inspection to look for any problems that could have cropped up over the winter months. Siskiyou Import Auto Repair is here for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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