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Common Brake Issues

The importance of brakes cannot be understated. Though many aspects of your car are essential for its function and safety, brakes are even more crucial. That’s why you want to be sure you’re on the lookout for faulty or failing brakes. We don’t see much ice or snow in Southern Oregon, but the cold and rainy weather can still create issues for the health of your car. Here are common brake problems to watch for.

Squealing or Other Noises

If you hear screeching when you use your brakes, there’s a good chance your brake pads are worn down. Often, this sound is a built-in warning sound by the car manufacturers to let you know the rake pad is too thin and needs to be replaced. If your brake pad wears out completely, then much more severe damage can occur to your car.

Soft or Sinking Peda

You should get them serviced when you need to pump harder on the brakes for them to be effective. A brake fluid leak could need to be repaired for full brake functionality.

Vibrating or Shuddering

Warped brake rotors will cause a vibrating or pulsating feeling when you press down on your brakes. Debris and time can make them damaged or warped, needing to be repaired or replaced.

Indicator Light Is On

Don’t ignore the brake warning light on your dashboard; inspect your car and brakes for issues immediately. It’s unsafe to drive your vehicle when the brakes may have a problem.

Brake Repair and Maintenance

If you notice any of these issues, your car needs brake maintenance to remain safe to drive. Ignoring these warning signs could be incredibly dangerous. If they go untreated for too long, your brakes could fail. Trust the professionals at Siskiyou Import Services to diagnose the issue and keep you safe. Contact us today.

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