Signs of Suspension Issues

Your vehicle’s suspension system plays a vital role in how your car handles on the road. Suspension issues can be difficult to diagnose. In some instances, warning signs can be mistaken for other issues, or problems worsen so gradually that you assume it’s normal. It is important to know what to look for to better diagnose if you are having an issue with your suspension system. This can make the difference between needing minor fixes or major repairs.

What Is Your Suspension System? 

Your suspension system is complex and made up of many different parts. It includes your springs, struts, ball joints, and shock absorbers. Your suspension system works with your wheels and tires to control the way your vehicle handles on the road. The system is designed to help manage wear and tear, especially over bumps and uneven road conditions. Most car owner manuals suggest the average strut life and suspension parts are 70,000 miles depending on the driver and the roads.

Warning Signs 

Many suspension issues can happen gradually. It is important that if you notice any issues, bring your vehicle in for inspection as soon as possible. This can ensure any problems with your suspension system are properly diagnosed, and necessary repairs can be completed before things get worse. Warning signs include: 

  • Unusually bumpy ride
  • Drifting or pulling to one side when turning corners
  • One side of your vehicle sits lower when parked
  • Continued bouncing after hitting a bump, or dipping when applying your brakes
  • Difficulty steering

Let the Pros Help

If you are experiencing any possible suspension issues, schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. The professionals at Siskiyou Import can help assess the source of your problems and provide the quality repairs you need. Contact us with any questions, or to schedule your next service.

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