Regular Maintenance

The best reason for performing regular maintenance on your car is that it prevents breaking down on the road. Factory recommended maintenance includes everything from 5k oil change services to the bigger 30/60/90,000 mile services. These services are important because all mechanical machines do wear with use. To ensure parts like the spark plugs and filters don’t cause problems they should be replaced before they are worn-out. At the same time as some parts get replaced it is important to look at the brakes and tires, belts and hoses, and steering system for any problems. At Siskiyou Imports we take pride in using high quality parts often going right to the original manufacturer to ensure only the best work is done. Our technicians attend regular training and follow strict guidelines when performing maintenance on your car so that nothing is missed. If your transmission is leaking oil don’t you want to know now and not half way to your child’s wedding? I know I would.