Is Your Heater Going Out on Your Import Vehicle?

If you live in Ashland, OR, and the heater in your vehicle isn’t working well, you should have your car serviced right away to remain warm in your car this winter.  If you aren’t sure if your heater is going out, there are a few ways to tell if it is just freezing or you have a problem that needs repairing.

  1. If you don’t have any heat inside of your car and the temperature gauge reads normal, then you may have a problem with your heater. You may also have a problem with the vents in your car or the cabin air filter.  Bring your vehicle to Siskiyou Import to have the heating system inspected so that you know what the problems are for sure!
  2. If you smell coolant leaking from your car, then you may have a heater failure. Coolant is something that you shouldn’t breathe and is hazardous, so it is crucial to get the problem solved right away.
    • If you have a coolant leak inside your car, then you have a problem with the heater in your vehicle, unless it is just a leak. A problem with coolant leaking is a problem that needs attention right away.
  3. If you have a check engine light on and your heater isn’t working well, you may have an issue with the thermostat in your vehicle. The thermostat can also make your temperature gauge read low when it is typically in the middle.
  4. You could have a bad hose or clamp that’s come loose under the hood. Pop the hood and give your car a quick inspection to see if you have any leaks or broken hoses.  Wait until your car is cool, so you don’t burn yourself!

If your heater isn’t working well and you can’t find the problem on your own, bring your vehicle in to have it serviced and our technicians will help solve the issue.

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