How to Protect Your Import Vehicle’s Paint from Sun Damage

The summer sun can make your car’s interior very hot after letting it sit in the sun for any extended time, but the sun’s ultraviolet rays are also damaging the paint whether you realize it or not. Siskiyou Import Services offers vehicle maintenance on a wide variety of import vehicles, and we want to help import vehicle owners in Ashland, OR keep their vehicles looking their best all year round. The following tips can not only keep your import looking great but also prevent expensive paint damage.

Wash and Dry Your Car Often

Your vehicle’s paint job is more vulnerable than you might think. Small particles of dust and dirt can cause micro-abrasions on the paint’s surface, allowing moisture to enter and eat away at the paint and the finish. Keeping your car clean is a good way to prevent particles from destroying your car’s paint job, especially in sunny weather. If dirt manages to destroy the top layer of your car’s paint, the sun will cause your paint to peel and crack more quickly.

Wash your vehicle often and hand dry it with a microfiber towel to keep it as clean as possible and prevent the sun from making micro-abrasions in the paint even worse.

Apply a High-Quality Vehicle Wax

Waxing your vehicle after washing it doesn’t just make the paint “pop” more, it also provides an additional layer of protection between the sun’s rays and your vehicle’s paint. There is no real firm schedule for vehicle waxing; every vehicle has different needs and your driving habits also influence your vehicle’s need for waxing. A good coat of wax prevents dirt from sticking to the paint and eating away at it.

Consider Paint Protection

You can find special protective kits that you apply to a freshly washed and dried vehicle that can provide even more robust protection against the sun’s rays. If you drive a lot and want to keep your car looking great, these kits can help you prevent sun damage to your import vehicle.

Siskiyou Import Services offers a wide range of import vehicle maintenance services, and our team can provide expert advice for keeping your import vehicle looking and performing at its best. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or maintenance appointment for your import vehicle in Ashland, OR.

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