How to Maintain your Air Conditioning System

As the weather starts to heat up, it’s essential to have a functional air conditioning system in your car. No one wants to get caught in the summer heat with no A/C. These tips and tricks can help ensure your air conditioner runs all summer smoothly.

Run Your A/C on Defrost Weekly 

Running your air conditioner for about 10 minutes weekly on defrost can work wonders. Make sure it is on the coolest setting and the highest fan speed. This prevents mildew, keeps your compressor running, and removes moisture. Running your A/C on defrost in the winter can help remove humidity and defog your windows. 

Check Your Air Filter Regularly 

The air filter in your car catches impurities and debris. A dirty air filter can stop clean, cool airflow into your vehicle. Cleaning or replacing your air filter regularly can help keep your A/C running and the air quality good inside your car.

Use the Recirculation Mode 

The recirculation mode in your car’s cooling system cools air from inside the vehicle rather than outside. This helps your air conditioner to work more efficiently. Recirculation can also keep particles and unpleasant smells from getting into your car.

Check the Condenser

When you check under the car’s hood, the condenser can be found in front of the radiator. If the condenser gets clogged, it can keep your air conditioner from working properly. This is an easy fix. Set a hose to medium or high and rinse the front of your car through the grill. This will help clear out contaminants and keep your condenser in working order.

Get a Full Air Conditioner Service

The best way to ensure your car’s air conditioner is fully functional is to trust the experts. They can identify potential problems and keep your A/C running well. At Siskiyou Import Services, our technicians undergo regular training to ensure they can provide the best service to our customers. Contact us today for all of your air conditioner maintenance needs.

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