How to Know if You Need to Replace Your Struts

If you are a vehicle owner, you probably know that it is better to replace an old or damaged part before it stops working entirely and leaves you stranded on the highway. Waiting or ignoring the problem could result in an inconvenient, emergency repair, which is probably the last thing you want. The strut assembly on your vehicle is an important part of your vehicle and one that needs to be replaced periodically to maintain good suspension.

Signs Your Struts Need to be Replaced

Struts, or shock absorbers, wear out eventually, especially in older vehicles, particularly if you drive many bumpy roads. One way to tell that your struts are wearing out is if your vehicle starts bottoming out when going over railroad tracks, potholes, curbs, or speed bumps. Another sign that it may be time to replace your struts is if the vehicle continues to bounce long after going over a bump.

As struts wear out, your ride will be steadily getting bumpier. However, since struts tend to wear out gradually, you may not even be aware of the change.

Determining the Condition of Your Strut Assembly

One way you can test your suspension is by pushing down hard on each corner of the vehicle. If the car continues to bounce after you let go, it’s likely your suspension is worn out, and you need a strut assembly replacement. However, this method requires quite a bit of force and leverage and is especially difficult to do with an SUV or a pickup.

Contact a Qualified Auto Service Provider

The best way to determine the condition of your shocks and struts is by contacting a trusted auto service provider like SISKIYOU IMPORT and scheduling an appointment to have your struts and shocks inspected. A qualified mechanic can inspect your vehicle while it’s on a lift and easily determine if there is any damage, leaks, worn mounts, or any other physical damage or wear to your strut assemblies.

Contact SISKIYOU IMPORT SERVICES today to schedule an inspection of your vehicle. Call us at (541) 482-8162 or stop by the shop!

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