How to Detail your Car’s Interior at Home with These Tips

How to Make Sure your Car Keeps Cool This Summer

With the weather warming up, it’s the perfect time to do a spring checklist to make sure your import is in optimal condition for the summer. With the spurts of warm weather, test out your vehicle’s air conditioning. If it isn’t as cold as it once was, bring it into Siskiyou Import Services for air conditioning maintenance. 

While your vehicle is at Siskiyou Import Services, let us check the tires to make sure they are wearing evenly. Consider doing a tire rotation, balance, and tire pressure check as well. If your vehicle is drifting to one side of the roadway or the other, an alignment may be necessary. 

Checklist for Car Care

Consider getting an oil change. Oil changes are recommended by the manufacturer to occur at set intervals. Check your instruction manual to determine how often your oil should be changed. 

Windshield wipers should be checked and possibly changed in the spring of each year. Functioning windshield wipers is a must-have in the Pacific Northwest. Typically, you know if your wipers need to be replaced based on how they perform when it rains. 

While your car is at Siskiyou Import Services, let us check your brakes and make sure they are working correctly. Brake pads typically whistle when the brakes are applied if they need to be replaced. You may also feel a rubbing sensation when the brakes are applied if they need maintenance. 

It is imperative that all equipment is functioning properly. The spring is the perfect time to check all of your lightbulbs to make sure they are working. 

Get Advice from Siskiyou Import Services

During this spring maintenance checklist, it’s a good time to check your car and make sure you have a good emergency kit in the trunk.  A good emergency kit typically has flairs, a first aid kit, tool kit, jack, spare tire, blanket, water, and food in case of an emergency. It’s also a good idea to keep a reflective vest in the trunk in case your vehicle breaks down. 

Keep us in mind for help with your import. 

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