How to Detail your Car’s Interior at Home with These Tips

Getting your vehicle professionally detailed can be expensive. Here are different tips so you can get your car cleaned as well as the professionals can. 

Invest in Canned Air

Pressurized canned air is a great resource for cleaning out the dirt from crevices. These messy crevices can be found in cup holders, doorways, edges of the carpet, and spaces in between the seats. The canned air will be able to blow the dirt to a better location where it can either be wiped up or vacuumed up. 

Don’t Neglect Cup Holders

Cup holders can be cleaned by taking your favorite coffee travel mug and covering it with a sock. Take the sock and spray it with window cleaner or other interior car cleaner and twist the cup in the cup holder until it is clean. 

Take Care of Odors

One of the easiest ways to improve the interior of your vehicle is to help with the odors. This can be done by either getting some type of odor eliminator or washing down all of the surfaces in the car. This includes cleaning the carpets with some type of carpet cleaner. Consider renting a carpet cleaner once in a while to thoroughly clean out the interior of the car. 

Keep Windows Clear for Safety

Windows should always be cleaned under shade and not in direct sunlight. Use a paper towel or rag that does not leave a lint residue. Spray the windows with the window cleaner and start with a damp paper towel. After a cursory wipe, use a new dry paper towel to finish drying the window. Consider using a tool to reach the entire windshield and back windows. Consider washing the windows twice if they are particularly dirty. The first time should get the majority of the dirt, and the second wipe down will remove any streaks. 

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