How Do You Know if Your Transmission Is Failing

If you own a vehicle today, there is a great chance that it has an automatic transmission. Although there are still some die-hard manual transmission drivers out there, a majority of drivers have been opting for the easy drivability of automatics for years. Automatic transmission vehicles allow drivers to have a free hand more frequently, as there is no shifting involved, and they make driving in heavy traffic less of a chore. Unfortunately, as your vehicle ages, the transmission begins to show wear, just like so many other parts of the car, and it may eventually fail. If you suspect your transmission is going bad, look for these signs.

  • Leaking transmission fluid. This is a fluid that you should never see leaking from your vehicle, so if you notice a leak, you should have it checked out by a qualified mechanic right away.
  • Delayed shifting. One sure sign of a transmission problem is a noticeable delay in shifting. One way to test your car out is to carefully observe the way it shifts when you move from park into drive. If there is a delay going into drive, you may have an issue that you should get checked out at the garage.
  • Rough shifting. Similar to delayed shifting, rough shifting is a problem that you shouldn’t have any trouble noticing. If your car seems to have a hard time trying to change gears while you are driving, or if it will not change gears at all, it is a common sign that your transmission may be failing.
  • Slipping transmission. If your transmission is slipping, you will notice that it is trying to change gears on its own, and you won’t be able to stop it. This should be looked at by a mechanic immediately.

When you suspect that you have a transmission problem, trust the experienced mechanics at SISKIYOU Import Services to help you out.

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