How Do You Know if Your Clutch Is Going

In today’s world of automatic transmission vehicles, it is somewhat of a novelty to drive a stick shift, but there are still diehards out there who wouldn’t dream of driving an automatic. If you are one of these individuals, there may be a time that your clutch is going out. It’s best to have it repaired before you can no longer drive the car. If you are noticing difficulties with your clutch, consider these common signs that you should see a qualified mechanic right away.

What to Look for if You Think Your Clutch Is Going Bad

Your clutch is a mechanism that separates your wheels from the engine so that you can shift gears while and bring the car to a complete stop when the engine is running. The clutch operates when you take your foot off of the pedal and spring press the clutch plate, the pressure plate, and the flywheel together to allow the transmission and engine to spin at the same rate. Disengaging the clutch by stepping on the pedal allows them to spin at different rates, so you can change gears smoothly. Some of the signs that your clutch is failing include:

  • “Slipping,” which causes a temporary loss of acceleration
  • Trouble shifting gears
  • Poor acceleration, although you are able to rev the engine
  • Grumbling or squeaking noises when you press the clutch pedal
  • A loose clutch pedal, or one that vibrates or feels sticky or spongy

Who Should You Call if Your Clutch Is Failing

If you live in Southern Oregon and fear that your clutch may be going out in your car, call on the skilled professionals at Siskiyou Import Services today. Contact us through our website, or reach out to us at (541) 482-8162 to schedule an appointment with our expert mechanics.

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