Getting Your Car Winter Ready

Most of Oregon experiences relatively mild winters, with snowfalls that tend to melt within a few days. However, this doesn’t mean that Oregon residents can forego preparing their cars for the season ahead. Winter preparation means you can depend on your vehicles all season long, no matter where the road might take you. 

Winter Checklist Basics

When it comes to ensuring your vehicle is ready for colder weather, attention to a few basic details can mean the difference between superior performance and a miserable driving experience:

  • Visibility. Whether your area experiences rain, snow, or a mixture of the two, it is crucial to be able to see clearly out of your windshield. Before winter sets in, consider replacing your windshield wipers for maximum performance. You’ll also want to make sure that your washer fluid is full. Be sure to check both your heater and your defrost setting to ensure each is working properly.
  • Battery performance. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a car that won’t start in the cold. Take the time to check that the posts and connections are corrosion-free. If your battery is over three years old, you may want to test its ability to hold a charge or replace the unit altogether.
  • Tire pressure. Tire inflation levels are a key safety feature to establish before winter weather comes. Proper inflation is what provides your vehicle with the best possible traction in rainy, snowy, or icy conditions. Check tire pressure monitor systems for functionality and ensure your tires are set to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure for safety.

Get Winter-Ready

No matter what conditions Mother Nature has in store this winter and regardless of your holiday travel plans, it is essential to ensure your car is winter-ready. At Siskiyou Import, we understand how important winter prep can truly be. Our full-service auto repair shop can help you address each of the items on your imported car’s winter checklist, whether gas or diesel. Contact us to request more information or schedule service today.


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