Follow These Steps to Prepare Your Car for Winter’s Onslaught

Winter is coming, and the year’s coldest months present many challenges for vehicles. Modern cars can withstand a lot more than what Mother Nature throws at them, but they still need some help performing their best. To get your car through some of the worst conditions, follow these basics. Give your car the little extra necessary to resist winter’s icy grip.


Let the Fluids Flow

It doesn’t matter if you check your fluids or pay someone else to do it. Make sure you do not skip checking the following fluids for quality and levels.

  1. Coolant
    • If your car doesn’t have the right mixture of antifreeze and water, your radiator is likely to freeze. Check the car’s manual to get details on the precise mixture it needs and maintain the proper mixture levels.
  2. Oil
    • Some experts suggest that a thinner oil works better if you live in areas that regularly drop below freezing. Consult the manual for the correct oil if you will change the oil on your own.
  3. Wiper Fluid
    • Many people forget to check this critical fluid only to find themselves driving down the road with a windshield no one can see through. Grab some freeze-resistant fluid so your vision stays clear.


Protect Your Feet

No, not your actual feet. Protect your car’s feet: its tires! Make sure you have them inspected and replace them if they are worn. If you don’t have all-season tires, change to winter tires or, if necessary, snow tires. Keep your tires properly inflated as well.


Stay Charged for Winter

The cold reduces your battery’s ability to stay charged. Inspect it and check the terminals, cables, and fluids so you can address any issues now. If your battery is old, consider replacing it.


Pack for An Emergency

Every car should have an emergency kit. Winterize yours with blankets, gloves, hats, cat litter or sand to get out of snow or slush, an ice scraper, a shovel, extra coolant, and food. Don’t get caught unprepared in those cold months.

Keeping your car properly maintained helps prepare it for winter’s grip. If you need help, contact Siskiyou Import Services today to schedule an appointment.



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