Fall Maintenance Checklist for Your Import Car

Fall is an ideal time to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the weather to change.  Fall is the break that your car gets after the harsh sweltering summer months and before the wet and sometimes freezing months of winter.  Planning to make sure that your import vehicle is ready for the rest of the year is easier than trying to get your car serviced when it needs repairs because of neglect.

Get These Items Checked on Your Import Car This Fall:

  • Have your battery checked to make sure the fluid hasn’t evaporated.  It is a good idea to have your battery connections checked as well.
  • Your hoses and belts should be in good condition without cracks, leaks, and breaks.  You should also have your filters checked and replaced if needed.
  • Use a good wax for the exterior of your vehicle after you wash it.  Wax will help you avoid damage from dirt and salt on the road in the winter months.
  • Your brakes are the most important in the winter months when there is added moisture and sometimes icy conditions on the roads in Ashland, OR.  Make sure your brakes get inspected and replaced before winter if needed.
  • Get your fluids checked and filled or replaced.  You should also make sure that your antifreeze is the right mixture.
  • Have a fall and winter emergency kit in your vehicle.  Add heavier blankets,  gloves, extra socks, and a shovel to your summer kit.  Just because it is cold doesn’t mean that dehydration isn’t a problem if you get stranded, so make sure you have enough water in your vehicle!
  • Make sure your heater and defrost settings in your car work thoroughly and heat correctly.
  • Have your tires checked to make sure that they will weather whatever storms come your way.
  • Check your lights, wipers, and windshield.  Make sure your lights give you the right amount of visibility in inclement weather.  Have a spare set of wipers in your vehicle for replacement when needed and make sure your windshield is clean and undamaged.
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