Facts About 3 Fluids for Winter

Check These 3 Vehicle Fluids Before Winter

: Check These 3 Vehicle Fluids Before Winter As temperatures in Ashland, Oregon, begin to drop, your vehicle won’t run the same as it does during the summer. To maintain safe operating conditions in the colder weather, you must winterize your vehicle. This deals with many aspects of your car, but today we’ll focus on fluids. Prepping your fluids in fall is a great way to ensure your safety all winter long.

Engine Coolant and Antifreeze

Antifreeze, as the name implies, is the fluid that prevents your engine from freezing in cold weather conditions. As your vehicle sits overnight, the fluids within are susceptible to freezing without proper antifreeze chemicals and fluid levels. Antifreeze lowers the freezing point for water, preventing ice formation that can be dangerous for your engine. A visit to your local auto shop can tell you if you have the right coolant mix for the upcoming winter. You may need to add more antifreeze to your coolant system to be safe.

Engine Oil

Thick engine oil and cold weather don’t mix. Cold weather can lead to the oil thickening even more and flowing too slowly through your engine. The engine will need to use more energy to operate, reducing fuel economy and possibly causing damage. Transition to a lower viscosity oil for winter, such as a 5W or asynthetic oil. These are resistant to thickening in lower temperatures and will flow easily through your engine, even when it’s cold. Talk to your local auto shop if you think temperatures will drop enough for your oil to become a problem.

Windshield Wiper Fluid

Ordinary warm weather windshield wiper fluid will freeze quickly when it hits your windshield in cold weather conditions. This can be dangerous when you’re trying to drive, leading to ice blocking your vision. Although snow isn’t a problem in Ashland, temperatures can drop enough to require cold-weather windshield wiper fluid. Siskiyou Import offers fluid replacement services for all seasons.








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