Do You Need Your Transmission Serviced This Fall?

If you have an import car and you need regular maintenance for your transmission, consider bringing it in for service at Siskiyou Import in Ashland, Oregon.  You may also have a transmission that needs services because it is acting sluggish, or it changes gears hard.  These transmission problems will worsen over time if your transmission isn’t repaired or services for optimal performance!

Signs You Need a Mechanic to Check Your Transmission:

  • If you hear grinding or squealing noises when your car shifts gears, then you should have your transmission checked by a professional as soon as possible. You may have low transmission fluid or need repairs to make sure your transmission keeps working correctly.
  • If the car shifts and you smell something burning, then you may need a new clutch plate if you have a manual transmission. You could also have transmission fluid that is overheating.
  • If your vehicle pops out of gear, it is not safe to drive. When it pops out of gear, you are no longer in control of your car, which can cause a major accident if you’re driving at high speeds.
  • When your vehicle shifts at a delayed rate, your engine will rev too high. Your transmission shifting at the wrong time is caused by low fluid levels or fluid that isn’t suitable for your transmission to run correctly.  You may have burnt fluid that doesn’t lubricate the gears the way it should.
  • If you notice that you have a leak and you know it is transmission fluid. Make sure to check your fluid levels each time you drive the vehicle and bring it in for repair services as soon as possible.  Transmission fluid is typically red unless it is old, then it turns brown.  It is distinctly different from your other liquids, so you should know quickly if your leak is from the transmission or a different part of your vehicle.
  • If your car won’t shift into a specific gear, then the gear is usually damaged, and you should have repairs done on your transmission to see if you can save it.
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