Common Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Repairs

If you have owned and driven your import vehicle for quite some time, you’ve likely acquired the muscle memory to tell when there is something wrong with your vehicle. One of the most critical safety features of any vehicle is the braking system, and every driver should know how to identify and diagnose braking problems.

Lowered Responsiveness

You probably have a good feel for how your car’s brakes function when you apply the brake pedal. If you notice that your vehicle seems to take longer to engage the brakes, or if your vehicle seems to need more time and space to come to a stop, this a good sign you should have your brakes checked.


Rumbling from the road is one thing, but if your car starts to vibrate whenever you apply the brakes, it’s likely that your brake pads have eroded near the point of failure. Vibration when braking may also indicate warped brake rotors or that your vehicle is out of alignment.

Loud Grinding

Perhaps the most noticeable telltale sign of brakes in need of service is a loud grinding or growling sound when you apply the brakes. This sound indicates that your brake pads are just about worn out entirely. Some brake pad manufacturers actually build metallic strips into their pads to notify drivers when it’s time to have their brakes replaced.

“Pulling” When Braking

If you apply the brakes and your vehicle seems to pull to one side, this is a sign that your vehicle is out of alignment or that your brake pads are wearing unevenly. This could also indicate the presence of foreign matter in your brake fluid.

The brakes on your vehicle are crucial safety features, and if you want to keep your import vehicle running as smoothly and safely as possible it’s vital to stay vigilant for these signs of impending brake failure. If you need a brake fluid flush, brake pad replacement, or alignment for your import vehicle in Ashland, OR, Siskiyou Import Services is here to help. Contact us today to schedule maintenance on your import vehicle’s braking system or for a full professional vehicle safety inspection.

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