Car Washing Tips

Now that the weather has gotten warmer, it’s the perfect time to start washing your car yourself rather than going through the car wash. Although it may seem like a simple job, there are many tips and tricks a car owner can follow to get the most out of their car wash, as well as help the wash last longer and prevent any damage that could occur.

Use the Correct Products

 It’s important to only use products that are meant for cars. Using anything else causes the risk of damage to your vehicle. Be sure to follow the specific directions on the products, as different products have different wait times.

Rinse First

 Before applying any products to your car, you will need to rinse it thoroughly first. Make sure any debris has been removed, as the soap could cause it to stick to your car if it’s still on there once you begin washing it.

Let It Dry in the Shade

 Once you have finished washing your car, make sure your car is in a shady spot before drying it. If you dry it in the sun, there is more of a chance you will leave water spots on your car. Drying it in the shade can help you avoid that.

Wax Your Vehicle

 To protect the paint on your vehicle, apply a fresh coat of wax after you have washed it. This will also give your car extra shine.

Don’t Forget the Interior

 Don’t forget to keep the interior of your car cleaned as well. Remove any trash, remove the floor mats, vacuum the floors, and wipe off everything else to keep your car freshly cleaned.


You also want to ensure your vehicle’s systems are working as they should, too. For top auto repair services, contact us at Siskiyou Import Services.

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