Brake and Suspension Repair at Siskiyou Import

Your brake and suspension systems are essential for safe driving. Without functional brakes, you can easily end up in an accident, even if you notice a hazard in the road with enough time to react. This is especially important in Ashland, where there’s a strong chance you’ll venture into the mountains for recreational activities.

The suspension system also helps your tires stay in good shape and your vehicle react properly, which is critical in an emergency. You don’t want to have misaligned tires that will affect your control of the vehicle. All the parts of your suspension system must be in good shape to ensure proper handling of your car – and Siskiyou Import can perform whatever repair and maintenance you may need.


Brake Services


While there’s no way to completely prevent your brakes from wearing down, regular maintenance and timely repair can save you a lot of trouble while driving. Quality of repair is just as important, which is why we provide comprehensive services when tending to your brakes.


We make sure to replace both brake rotors and pads together, preventing rotor warping and a shaky steering wheel when slowing down. We also clean and lubricate your calipers, ensuring proper performance when you’re on the road. Siskiyou Import takes pride in this attention to detail when performing routine brake services to give you the best driving experience.


Suspension Services


Shocks and struts are just one of the many essential components to your suspension system keeping your tires under control. We tend to your shocks and struts to keep your tires on the road, enhancing both comfort and safety.


We also pay attention to the condition of the control arm bushings, ball joints, and the sway bar, replacing parts when needed, and keeping all parts in the appropriate places. Before we give your car back, we also conduct a suspension alignment to ensure that you can safely maneuver your vehicle and keep your tires from wearing down prematurely.


The Ashland area has many locations that require safe control of your vehicle. Tending to your brake and suspension systems is the best way to ensure a pleasant trip. Let Siskiyou Import use our decades of experience to take care of your car.

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