Best Car Accessories for 2022

Our vehicles do more than just provide practical transportation from Point A to Point B. Our vehicles are a representation of our style and personality. There are several different ways to customize the look of your vehicle. Different car accessories … Continued

Signs of Suspension Issues

Your vehicle’s suspension system plays a vital role in how your car handles on the road. Suspension issues can be difficult to diagnose. In some instances, warning signs can be mistaken for other issues, or problems worsen so gradually that … Continued

Why Are My Brakes Squeaking

Squeaking brakes can be annoying. The noise is usually loud and draws attention. Car owners are often left to determine if this sound is a simple annoyance or a warning sign of a major brake issue. When it comes to … Continued

Why Is My Check Engine Light On

Our vehicles require regular maintenance to continue performing at their best. They come equipped with a wide range of warning signs that there may be an undetected issue. One of these warning signs is the check engine light (CEL). We … Continued

Getting Your Car Winter Ready

Most of Oregon experiences relatively mild winters, with snowfalls that tend to melt within a few days. However, this doesn’t mean that Oregon residents can forego preparing their cars for the season ahead. Winter preparation means you can depend on … Continued

The Importance of Replacing Your Wipers

Most vehicle owners understand the importance of regular oil changes and tire rotations and have learned that proper maintenance is essential for vehicles to perform at their best. However, windshield wipers are one important aspect that often gets overlooked during … Continued