5 Tips to Protect Your Car Battery This Winter

We’re in what some like to call the dead of winter, but that term shouldn’t extend to your car’s battery. The season’s cold temperatures and damp air can wreak havoc on your battery, and now is the worst time for your car to leave you stranded outside. These tips will help you maintain your battery’s health and ensure you’re ready for the rest of the winter months. 

1. Give Your Car a Warm Resting Place

If possible, store your car in a garage through the night – even if unheated, protection from the elements can keep temperatures out of the danger zone. If you don’t have a garage, choose a parking spot with some shelter or find a spot facing eastward where the morning sun can help warm up your car.

2. Check – and Recheck – Accessories

Turn off accessories such as interior lights, radio, and heat overnight. Batteries accept 33% less charge in the winter months, and even a single light left on through the night can leave you with a dead battery in the morning. 

3. Give Your Car a Moment

When starting your car after an inactive period, such as in the morning or after the workday, take a moment to let your car run. Try it after turning on the ignition and before starting and using accessories. This allows the alternator to charge the battery before you attempt to start it, and also takes some of the starting draw off the battery. 

4. Drive Your Car

Letting your car sit for days on end can result in a battery in need of priming. If possible, make sure your car gets out and about for at least 20 minutes every few days or invest in a battery conditioner.

5. Test and Replace

Have your battery tested – car batteries typically last three to five years, so if your battery is nearing that point, it may be time to have its capacity tested. Winter is a common time for batteries to die and replacing your battery before it leaves you stranded could be a lifesaver.

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