5 Tips for Better Gas Mileage

How mileage-friendly are your driving habits? How you drive can determine not only the rate of wear on your vehicle, but also the amount of gas you burn per mile. If you’re looking for ways to cut down on your gas consumption (a gift to both your wallet and the planet), here are 5 ways to make that happen.

  • Drive Slow and Steady

When you’re running out of fuel, your brain may begin to panic and tell you to drive faster to get to a gas station as soon as possible. It’s important to avoid this instinct and keep toward your destination at a safer, slower speed. Gas mileage actually decreases significantly at speeds over 50 mph.

  • Turn Your Parked Car Off

When you’re sitting in your car waiting for something, it can be tempting to idle your car so you can keep the air or heat on, or to listen to music. Unfortunately, it’s much better for your car’s tank for you to turn the car off if you’re going to be stationary for more than 30 seconds. And, yes—that does mean the fast food line. 

  • Remove Heavy Cargo

A factor people frequently forget when trying to maximize their gas usage efficiency is the weight of the cargo in the car. So, if for any reason you’ve been lugging around heavy, unnecessary items, get them to their end destination sooner than later.

  • Balance A/C and Windows

While it may seem like either air conditioning or windows would be a more efficient choice, it turns out that they both have their drawbacks. That is why it’s recommended that you roll your windows down at low speeds when they have little-to-no impact on gas mileage and roll them up at around 45-55 mph, the point at which they begin creating drag. 

  • Prioritize Routine Maintenance

The best and most important piece of advice for maintaining a healthy gas mileage is ensuring that your car is properly maintenanced according to its routine maintenance schedule. From getting regular oil changes to replacing worn brake pads and spark plugs, every little bit of upkeep helps your car run smoothly and burn gas more efficiently.

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