3 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Spring

Spring is finally here, and drivers are excited to hit the road as the temperatures start to rise. As a car owner, it is important for you to know what steps to take to make sure your car is ready for springtime driving. If you haven’t thought about how you can get your car in shape for the season, here are some tips to get you started with the process today.


Interior Vacuuming and Trash Removal

Make sure the interior of your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned. Oftentimes, build-up of sand and salt forms in a car due to the influence of winter. Vacuum your car and make sure all traces of dirt and other materials are cleaned from the crevices. If you’ve been conveniently tossing trash on the floor, remove it from your car now. If you have leather seats, the dryness of winter might have affected them, so consider asking your car dealer what products are best to use for cleaning and conditioning your seats.


Wash Windows

If you realize your windows are becoming foggy far more often than usual, the problem may be a layer of dirt on the glass. Moisture likes to bind itself to things, so fog can easily develop on the inside of your cars windows. Combat this by using a non-ammonia-based window cleaner for cars, as well as a newspaper or cloth. All car owners should be sure to avoid cleaners with ammonia because they can make your window’s fogging issue even worse. Avoid using newspaper to clean tinted windows because it can harm the tinted film; instead, use a microfiber cloth to complete this process.


Switch Out Wiper Blades

Residue such as salt, snow, ice, and dirt can all cause major harm to your wiper blades in the winter. No car owner wants to be caught in a sudden spring downpour with faulty windshield wipers that can impede your vision and cause a serious accident. Check your wiper slides for streaks, even if they are relatively new. Replacing the blades is always the safest choice. Better this inexpensive fix than having to pull over in a storm because the wipers weren’t doing their job.


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